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School-Based Interventions for Students with Behavior Problems

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ISBN/EAN: 9781461347934
Sprache: Englisch
Umfang: X, 301 S.
Auflage: 1. Auflage 2004
Einband: kartoniertes Buch


- Although there are several books published on behavioral problems, this is the first book that provides a variety of proven classroom strategies in a step-by-step format that educators can implement and incorporate into their classroom routine and curriculum A helpful reference and instructional guide of over 100 interventions for managing and reducing behavior and learning problems in children and adolescents Each intervention is written in an easytofollow format, which includes: the targeted behavior, age group, goal, materials needed, implementation steps, and troubleshooting ideas


Inhaltsangabe* Preface. * 1: Introduction. Who Can Benefit from this Book. The 4 Ps-Proven, Practical, Positive, Preventative. How to Use this Book. * 2: What is a Good Intervention? Effective Interventions. Controversies and Issues Associated with School-Based Interventions. Functional Behavior Assessment and Interventions. Functional Behavior Assessment and Controversies. Grouping and Interventions. Summary. * 3: Students with Behavior Problems: Who, Why and What. Prevalence of Behavior Problems. Risk Factors for Behavior Problems. Behavioral Disorders-Diagnosis and Defining Characteristics. Disorders Found in School-Age Children. Summary. * 4: Classroom Basics-Preventing Problems Before They Begin. The Keys to Classroom Basics. Summary. * 5: Interventions for Behavior Problems. Aggression. Disruptive Behaviors. Following Directions. Following Rules. Noncompliance. Task Engagement. * 6: Interventions for Academic Problems. Reading-Sight Words. Reading-Phonics. Reading-Comprehension. Language Arts-Spelling. Language Arts-Writing. Math-Computation. Math-Problem Solving. Organizational Strategies. * 7: Interventions for Social Skills. Social Skills. * 8: SchoolWide Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support. What is a SchoolWide Intervention? Developing a SchoolWide Intervention Plan. SchoolWide Interventions and Positive Behavioral Support Programs. * Appendix A. * Appendix B: LRBI: Least restrictive behavioral interventions for use with students with disabilities. * References. Subject Index.

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